Take me away to wonderland

It does not matter what my name is or what my birth number is. A word, a number. You will always be judged, talked about or looked at. No matter what. Is it because of other people's bitterness, or insecurities that they have to talk behind your back? Or what is it exactly? I hold this tumblr anonymously since I've been betrayed almost all my life when I have told others around me how I feel, what I feel and what I think. Do you keep a secret? - By the way, I you want to tell me a "secret", then you can send me it and I'll post it anonymously (or with your name if you want to).
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"But what will that tattoo look like when you’re old?”

"But what will that tattoo —"

"But what will —"

"But —"


Perks of being a schizophrenic


• not
• a
• single
• fucking
• thing.

No, it’s not “interesting” to sense things that probably are not there.
No, it’s not “awesome” to drift between different realities.
No, it’s not “lovely” to think you are something or someone else.
No, it’s not “cute” to sound like an insecure drunk person, all the time.
No, it is NOT glorious to be cursed with a mental illness in general.

Stop this. Please.

My bestfriend is at the hospital in a coma after she got hit by a car. Please reblog this to pray for her.